Cardiff Bay and Torchwood

I’m going to try and post about my holiday in the UK now that I am back in Oz and settled into the daily grind once again. It may take a while though so don’t hold your breath!

After spending a couple of days in Clydach with Chris et al, me Mat and Seb left on Thursday morning (23/5/09). We decided, as pre planned, to take a slight detour on the way home via Cardiff Bay so we could have a look at where Torchwood (off shoot from Dr Who starring the enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness as the main character) is filmed and take a load of pictures of the famous water tower.

We were a bit worried about finding the place as we didn’t have a map but we pretty much found our way straight there and then parked up in a muti-storey just down the road from the National Assembly for Wales building.

Me & Mat by the water tower Seb & Mat by water tower Cardiff Bay Water Tower

As you can see by the two pictures of Mat and me, then Seb and Mat, standing in front of the water tower on “the step”, the perception filter was clearly out of order that day, lol. Though on closer inspection, in all the photos I have, someone has always got at least a bit of their foot overlapping a neighbouring step, so perhaps this is why we were not invisible as we should have been.

I was pretty impressed with the third photo; after taking lots of different shots trying to get an artistic composition of the tower without making it look boring, quite by chance, the gull had flown across this shot at exactly the right moment. The tower isn’t quite vertical (tisk) and I couldn’t correct this without chopping off the top of it which is clearly unthinkable. Perhaps the seemingly backward lean adds to the impression of size and power or something?..

Wales Millenium Centre Millenium Centre & water tower

Here we have the Millenium Centre showing the words “In These Stones, Horizons Sing”, the title of a work of music composed by Karl Jenkins which was commissioned for the opening of the Wales Millenium Centre. The English is not a direct translation of the Welsh as is proabably assumed. ‘Creu Gwir fel Gwydr o Ffwrnais Awen’ directly transated means ‘Creating truth like glass from inspiration’s furnace’. A full explanation can be found here.

Once we’d taken enough pictures we went and had a bite to eat in Mermaid Quay before making our way back to the car and home. It was cool to be able to see the actual place of Torchwood, even if it is just a sci-fi TV series. Mat and I have both been reading the books too, so you could say we are Torchwood anoraks. We can’t wait for the thrid series to start: Children of Earth. Though unfortunately it’s only going to be five episodes long which is a bit disappointing. Still, I noticed on Amazon that another three books have just been published so I will have to get ordering those. In the mean time here is a trailer for the upcoming series:

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