Why did the rabbit cross the road?

To get to the other side of course!

The real question is what was the rabbit doing there in the first place?

I was driving home from work the night before last and taking my little alternative route down some back roads when a white rabbit with brown ears and a patch over one eye propelled itself out in front of me and charged across. I was only driving slowly so was able to watch calmly and appreciate the ammusing and slightly comical sight. It occurred to me how, in the UK, this would be a common occurance with a cat, but how in Australia cats are either a lot less common or kept locked up (a combination of the two I suspect). However, I haven’t seen many cats crossing the road in Australia and this moment just reminded me of that (but I digress somewhat).

I work at Sunnyfield in Allambie Heights and on our site, which is quite large, there are lots of rabbits, some with a normal wild brown pelt and others with a mix of white in. I thought they were peculiar to that small area but obviously they have wandered a little further afield. I assume the mix of white in their coats stems from an escaped pet rabbit that has consorted with its wild counterparts. I don’t know why I wanted to write a post about this apart from the fact that it is one of my little joys in life, to watch the rabbits. Whenever I glimpse one (which is fairly often as they seem to know they are safe from the local humans and only skip a few yards away on approach) the sight elicits a smile and a little sigh at the wonder of Nature and her beauty πŸ™‚

I started this post yesterday morning and as usual ran out of time before I finished. I had thought I had a picture of one of the rabbits to insert here but for the life of me I couldn’t find it on my hard drive (another job to add to the list – I must sort out my photo filing). Then, as I was walking to my car on finishing work, I spotted a couple of brown rabbits enjoying an early evening silflay. I decided to attempt another photo for this post and after messing about with settings for about ten minutes I managed to capture one that was half about; easier said than done when the rabbits are about twenty yards away and the camera, when extended to maximum 10x zoom, wobbles like a mad thing. Anyway, I have just attempted to retrieve said photo off my camera’s memory card and after offering to fix a problem, which I accepted, the darned computer seems to have disappeared them, along with some nice sunset photos I took at the weekend! Hmph! Nevermind, it could have been a lot worse, I just always think a bunch of words look so much more palatable with a picture to illustrate them with. If I manage to get another photo I will add it later.

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