Sunnyfield Rabbits

I have seen my Sunnyfield rabbits around work quite a few times since my ‘Why did the rabbit cross the road?’ post and last Friday presented a better than average photo opportunity.

I was somewhat late in arriving at work (due to getting a little distracted in the morning, talking to my friends on Facebook) and as a result had to park up in the back car park. There is a largish patch of grass which is railed off to the back of the car park and as I was going to my car ready to leave for the day I spotted two rabbits, one brown, one white and brown. As I passed them they seemed not to bothered about my presence so I got out my camera and took some shots:

Rabbit - Brown Rabbit - Brown & White Rabbits x2

You can see the difference in camouflage ability in the third picture; the brown and white rabbit stands out whereas the plain brown blends well in comparison. I’m guessing there can’t be any foxes in this area or the mixed colour rabbit wouldn’t last very long. I’m not sure if he is the only one with white in his coat on this site and now I have a closeup picture of him (her?) I will pay more attention to the markings next time I spot them. I may even start to name the rabbits I can recognise like I have done with Limpit, one of the many Masked Lapwings that inhabit Sunnyfield who stands out due to a wonky leg… but that’s another story 🙂

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