Why does this blog look different?

Recently I have Chris has moved this website away from my old free hosting over to his own paid for hosting because he was keen for it to look more professional (i.e. lose the big advertising banner across the top of the page) and for my RSS feed to work (which for some reason didn’t with the free hosting). The nice little plugin that had the thumbnails pop up in their own window had stopped working and it seems it may have something to do with the dodgy bodged-together theme I have been using.

Chris (my personal blog fairy) has been experimenting with new themes, hence the new look. It is by no means a permanent thing as it still looks bodgy and needs a lot of work doing to it, but the picture viewer now seems to be working.

Please bear with it for a while until I find the time and acquire the expertise to find and customise a theme I feel happy with. It may be that I swap to a simple and plain one for a time, just so that I know everything will work and it will all sit properly on the page without any dodgy misalignments etc etc.

In the mean time, a big thank you to Chris for all his hard work in the wee small hours, especially as he now has the added responsibility of helping Irina look after their five month old baby, Anna, now 🙂

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