Suzuki Club trip – Meryla State Forest – Day 2

[Continued from Day 1]
The weather remained fine the next day. There had been about five minutes of drizzle at around 6am but it didn’t come to anything. We were all up early around 7am (apart from Tim who was last – does this deserve a fine?) and got the fire going again for cups of tea and coffee. There were fry-ups all round and a leisurely tidy up afterwards as we waited for Ray and Sandra to return. Much to everyone’s surprise the mobile signals had picked up and Tim earned another fine for receiving a phone call from Tubby, kindly informing him that the Suzuki Club website was down.

Camp Breakfast Our Sierra stuck in the mud Mat needs winching out Ray and Sandra arrived at 10.30am and by that stage everyone had pretty much packed up camp so we decided to take everything with us. Five minutes from setting out Mat charged a muddy bog and came a cropper when he was stopped dead by a rock in the middle. A halt was called while Dave winched the Sierra out backwards with his Hilux. Mat then proceeded to give it a second go, succeeding this time, followed by Dave.

A forest of Scribbly Gums -<em>Eucalyptus haemastoma</em>- so called due to the scribbles in the bark which are tracks left by the burrowing larvae of the Scribbly Gum Moth. Creature Hole - I don't know what dug this hole but whatever it is I'm sure it bites or stings. So far we have only seen <del>dead</del> sleeping Wombats in the wild. Maybe next time we will be lucky enough to catch one moving around.Our next explorations led us to several dead ends but we saw some spectacular scenery along the way. I especially liked the patch of Squiggly Gum forest we drove through and got out to take photos while the others deliberated over the map. We were heading for the Gun Rock Fire Trail and along the way Phil took a side track which led to an interesting mini hill climb and then looped back onto the main track. Everyone had a go on this one except for Ray and Sandra; they would have made the climb easy enough but the returning trail was a little narrow so they decided to avoid any possible scratches.

When we reached Gun Rock Falls we all parked up and took a walk down to the Creek to take in the view and more photos. We then walked back up to a ford before the falls to assess it for crossing. Mat went first and sped across easily and everyone else followed one by one, some taking it more carefully depending on clearance. The sun was out in full and it was a spectacular place to sit whilst videoing the driving skills.

Up Gun Rock Falls Down Gun Rock Falls Team Suzuki - Tim, Mat, Phil & Jack, Darren S & Noah, Sharon, Chris, Darren F, Ray & Sandra Assessing the crossing - and they were so serious about it - I guess one has to be when there is a danger of breaking expensive car parts! Jeep preparing to cross Tim takes the plunge Darren in full flow Darren makes it across safely

Once everyone was over the creek, next up was another hill climb. This time the main track was a bit more challenging and saw a couple of people pulling out to drive up the side which was less severe. There was some nifty driving and Darren S just cruised up due to his front and rear difflocks, making it look like child’s play.
Jeep takes the easier route Hilux attempting the big hill climb
[A lack of pictures here is due to me mostly taking videos instead. Mat made it up this hill climb in awesome style with an extended moment in time spent with one wheel high in the air before finally making it over a big rock. Unfortunately my new camera takes videos in .mov format and I cannot upload them directly onto youtube without converting them to .mpg first. As soon as I have the time to figure out how to do this I will post them separately as they are pretty cool – if anyone knows of some software that will do the conversion simply and without turning a 50Mb file into a 2Gb file please let me know!]

After the hill climb we headed to our last point of interest for the day; Fitzeroy Falls in Moreton National Park. We parked up before the walking track to have some lunch and air up ready for the departure home. Then we all took the 200m walk to Renown Lookout which gave a good view of the falls and the valley below. It was quite late in the day resulting in slightly less sun than necessary for a really good picture and a slight haze over everything.

Mat overlooking Fitzeroy Falls Fitzeroy Falls A closeup of Fitzeroy Falls I’d like to offer a big thank you to Darren and Tim for arranging this trip and taking the time to reccie it beforehand. The weather was fantastic and the weekend was a great success. I’m sure I’m right in saying that everyone had a great time 😀

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