Two Years Today!

Today is the two year anniversary of me and Mat’s first date 🙂

We couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather was beautifully sunny again and, as last Sunday, we all went down to Whale Beach for a breakfast barbie: Mat and I, Nick and Kat, Henry and Ruth with their new puppy Mulch, Daveo, Jacinta and their children, some friends of Daveo’s with their children and Daveo’s cousin Phil.

After a greasy fry up the lads went for a surf (except Mat who just swam). As there was no wind this time and it was so warm I went for a proper swim in the sea too(unlike last Sunday when all I did was get my legs wet). I reckon the water temperature was around 17°C whereas outside was about 27/28°C.

After coming home, showering and relaxing for a short while Mat decided we should go out for a meal to celebrate so we headed off into the village to find somewhere nice to eat. We opted for a classy looking tapas restaurant, The Different Drummer, but we were a tad early as they didn’t open until 6pm so we went for a romantic walk down to Avalon beach and back first.

Back at the restaurant we were both very impressed. The decor, lighting and music was all very ambient with a wonderful log burner in the middle of the main room. Being upstairs, there was also a semi-enclosed balcony area which was equally inviting but unfortunately off limits tonight as it was reserved for a private booking. The food and drink certainly didn’t disappoint either. We shared a mixed meat tapas consisting of lovely turkish bread and dips, harissa chicken, marinated lamb kebabs and a seafood platter of calamari and prawns. We also had some mushroom risotto balls as an extra. For drinks Mat had two glasses of the house red, which he said were really nice and I had an awesome creamy cocktail consisting of Baileys, Cointreu, Creme de Cassis, cream and chocolate sauce, so yummy I had to have a second one. We finished off sharing two desserts which were equally as scrumptious as everything else; an orange creme caramel and churros (mini sausage shaped doughnuts) and caramel sauce.

The total bill ended up being $150 which included a 10% surcharge for it being a Sunday; not cheap but certainly not expensive for a wonderful fine dining experience. We will definitely be going back again, ideally with a whole group of people as it’s perfect for sharing and trying lots of different foods.

And so our lovely day draws to a close and I look forward to spending many more years with my beloved. Who would have thought that our first date, consisting of a cinema trip to watch The Bourne Identity followed by sitting in Stroud McDonalds carpark chatting until 2am, just ten days before Mat was leaving for Australia, would lead to this!

I love you Mathew xxx

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