Crimson Rosellas at Sunnyfield

Yesterday I had to park up in the back carpark at work again, and again I was rewarded.

As I was walking back to my car past one of the residential gardens I spotted the unmistakeable red gleam of a crimson rosella in one of the trees. These are by no means a rare member of the parrot family but I have had less than five snatched glimpses of them in my time spent here in the Sydney area so far. This said, I immediately got out my camera as he/she seemed in no hurry to fly off.

As usual the rosella did not want to play ball and kept turning its head as I took the shot but I thought I would post the photos anyway as it was a highlight of my day. As I got closer I noticed there was actually two of them in the tree and by the look of it one of them must have been a younger one. The second snap shows the first one feeding the other. As I said, not great pictures, but it gives you an idea of how startlingly bright and colourful they are 🙂

Crimson Rosella Mummy Crimson Rosella feeding baby Two Crimson Rosellas

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