Whale Beach Hangover Cure

Saturday night saw a few people round at our place for a barbie and drinks in the true Aussie fashion, now that the warmer weather is well on it’s way. There ended up being more Pommies than Aussies though, as there was Henry & Ruth, Kirstie (Wayland unfortunately was away so couldn’t make it) and the new Scouser at Plateau, Phil, and his girlfriend Terri. Nick, Kat and her brother Aaron were doing their bit for the Aussie side backed up by Daveo and his family. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures as it was a bit dark and I was feeling lazy.

We had a big fire when it started to cool off and everyone enjoyed themselves, though there were more than a few sore heads in the morning. Mat did his breakfast chef bit and cooked up a fab fry up the next day. Then we tried drumming up some interest for a walk on Whale Beach to blow out the cobwebs. Phil & Terri came with us as they were keen to see more of the local area and I took the following pictures:

Mat, Terri & Phil on rocks at Whale Beach, NSW Mat, Me, Phil & Terri at Whaley

They aren’t great as the camera was looking towards the sun but you can see the lovely blue sky and the water was actually not too cold. Terri compared it to Abersoch in North Wales but having had experience of swimming in the sea at Abersoch on Easter weekend with no wetsuit about five years ago, coming out looking like a lobster (from the cold, not the sun) and not being able to feel any part of my body I say it was definitely a lot warmer. After all, I went proper swimming two weeks ago and it was really quite pleasant once I got over the initial shock.

It was great to meet Phil and Terri and I suspect we might end up spending more time with them in the future. I found it very refreshing to hear the northern accent again after Tom and Chris as they have been gone a year now. Even though I’m a southern softie I miss home and I love the variety of pommie accents 🙂

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