And They Say Everything’s Big in America

When it comes to a lot of trees and plants, compared to the UK, some species are a lot bigger in Australia. It was my intention when I first came here to write many posts on examples of this but as usual there is that little issue of time!

My next intention is to do some posts on the local flora as and when it comes into season, and with Spring in the air, now seems a good time to start. I’m going to back date a little though and go back to June this year, the equivalent of northern hemisphere Yuletide, when I took the following photos.

You people in the UK will all have had experience of the good old christmas plant, the Poinsettia; sold in supermarkets all over the holiday period, bought en masse to add to the festive decor and then sadly dying along with the christmas tree (with the exception of some committed green fingered people who manage to nurture them into the new year – I think my mum managed this).

Well here in Australia meet the Poinsettia Tree:

Red & white Poinsettia Red Poinsettia tree Closeup of Poinsettia flower

They seem to come in the traditional red and also all white or a mix of both. I took these photos one Saturday morning in Avalon when Mat and I were going for an early morning jolly in the Sierra. There seemed to be lots of them in this area, near Clareville, and I think they have only recently gone over as I’m sure I saw some just about still in flower a month ago.

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