Messages on the Bends

There is only one main road in and out of Avalon – the Barrenjoey Road – and the section of it going from Newport to Av is known as “The Bends”, or the Bilgola Bends to be precise, as it twists and turns along the cliff overlooking Bilgola Beach. (You can take a small detour down into Bilgola which bypasses the bends but this has a lot of speed bumps and up and downy bits. You can also navigate the back roads following the Pittwater coast but this takes ages and is only good for a scenic pleasure drive).

There is only one or maybe two entrances to houses along the bends and few places to pull over, but more importantly it has a lot of traffic going in and out of a morning and afternoon. This is why it is very popular for message boards. I’ve never actually seen anyone putting the message boards up but come my morning drive to work there are always one or two boards fixed to the hire wire posts with messages ranging from happy birthday wishes and good luck wishes to welcomings home. “Happy 1 year sexy man” is a particular one that sticks in my head. I’ve tried taking pictures but it’s just too difficult as there’s always cars behind and they come out all blurry.

Anyway, there have been a few strange messages in the past, the last one being “Kelza… You’re… Freaking me out!” over three boards, but none as controversial as the message we all saw yesterday morning:

“Jennifer… Will You Marry Me?… Just Kidding… I’m breaking Up With You… You Have 6 Days To Move Out!”

My first instinct was to think it an unbelievably harsh and cruel message to display publicly and my sympathy was with “Jennifer”, but as Mat pointed out, we don’t know what “Jennifer” did to provoke such an action. One thing’s for sure, it will have provided entertainment for many people on their way to work yesterday morning, maybe some of whom will know the story behind it. Not surprisingly, the boards were short lived and by the time I came home from work they had been removed. I only hope the people envolved manage to work through their problems and the pain that they must be feeling right now doesn’t last too long.

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