Good News on the House Front

Mat and I spent our our fourth Saturday last weekend looking at houses again as our current landlord wants to sell.

After seeing the house that we thought would be ‘the one’ we then went on and saw an even better one. We put applications in for both but received the happy news yesterday that our application for the second property had been successful and we have arranged to sign the lease documents this weekend. It’s at the very top end of our budget but we were willing to pay a little extra to be able to stay in Avalon. Since moving here last year and having doubts about it being so far away I have absolutely fallen in love with the place.

The new house is a single level semi, has two bedrooms, a nice kitchen with utility room, nice bathroom and a good sized lounge. Although we lose our beautiful Pittwater views we have gained a wonderful open fireplace which means we will save money on fuel as firewood is free (Mat being a tree surgeon an’ all). I’ve never had a real fire before so this is a hugely exciting thing for me 🙂 In addition to all this we will have a nice little private garden with a drive and a carport, or workshop for Mat as he puts it. It will be within walking (or stumbling) distance of Nick and Kat’s new house (they moved at the weekend) and Daveo’s place which was another important requirement. It should also be within walking distance of Paradise Beach which will be nice. Not that our present address isn’t within walking distance of all these places, it’s just that we live at the very top of one the steepest hills in Avalon; going out on foot is no issue, it’s the coming back which strikes fear into the fittest heart!

This new property is being leased privately and there was just a little ad in the paper so I can’t post any pictures from a website this time. You will have to wait until we move in, which all going well, should be in two Saturdays time, the 24th.

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