New House Pictures

We had a wirlwind move yesterday afternoon/evening with the much appreciated help from friends from the tree world: Daveo, Johnny, Phil, Sol and Erin. Together with Mat they got our entire house (less a few minor items that would fit into one car load) packed up into Daveo’s truck, Mat’s ute and trailer, Johnny’s Ute and Phil’s car and got it all to the new house in one trip! An amazing feat and a huge thank you to the boys 🙂

It goes withut saying that the beers were on us and once unloaded the night turned into a bit of a drinking session with homemade burgers made by Mat on the new built-into-the-wall barbie. I should have taken some pictures but I had spent all day packing and was absolutely knackered. Anyone that knows me well enough will know I don’t do moving very well and this was my most organised packing session ever – even Mat was impressed!

Anyway, we spent today unpacking and trying to get the essentials into some sort of order. I decided I would take some pictures to demonstrate the layout of the new place. You will have to excuse the boxes and stuff everywhere. I thought if I waited until things looked neat and tidy I simply wouldn’t get around to it.

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