Sunday Afternoon Burner

After testing the fire out on Saturday night Mat decided he would get a proper one going on Sunday afternoon. After querying the necessity for such a monstrous gnarly looking log that I caught him lugging in he declared it was a “Sunday afternoon burner”. So named by his dad as such logs will keep going for hours and are ideal for a Sunday afternoon.

“Ok, fair enough” I thought. I must admit that even though it’s not exactly cold we are having a chillier snap at the moment and we don’t have to pay for the wood. Mat prompted me to take photos of his baby so I thought I should do them justice and post them here for all to admire 🙂

I think our new hearth deserves a name but will have to confer with Mat on this one as I’m sure he’ll want the final say. As long as it’s not Dave. I don’t have anything against Dave but we have had a lizard and a spider or two and countless other inanimate objects named Dave already so I’m encouraging diversity.

These photos were either taken before the sunday afternoon burner was put on or a few hours afterwards when it had broken up a bit by the look of it – can’t remember which.

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