Adobe Illustrator Rocks

I’m addicted to computer courses at the moment. It’s the first time I’ve done courses for my own real interest and so far I’ve done a short course on Adobe Photoshop, Aboriginal art (not computer related), HTML for beginners, Adobe Dreamweaver and I started Adobe Illustrator on Monday.

It all started when Manly Warringah Community College put a prospectus in the local paper and I thought it would be nice to do something for fun. I started with Photoshop for photographers because I’m interested in photography and wanted to learn how to improve and edit the pictures I take. I’ve gone on from there and decided to learn a bit more about web design, originally to improve my blog but I like the idea of being able to build basic websites and my goal is to design Mat’s dad one for his mobile sawmill business.

This led me to my current course as he had a logo designed for embroidering onto his work shirts but it isn’t in a format I can use for the website or for letterhead etc. After messing about in Photoshop trying to improve it I gave up and decided Illustrator would be the tool for the job and would be a useful skill to have for future logo design. Illustrator uses vector graphics instead of pixels so is a format preferred by printers and advertisers etc. because the image can be increased in size without compromising the quality.

As with all my previous courses I enjoyed the first lesson immensely and am really looking forward to learning more. It was especially fun because it requires artistic flare and this is a side of me that I am really trying to concentrate on at present. Our teacher has her own graphic design partnership, The National Grid, which is just round the corner from my new work so I must pop in some time as they have a contemporary art gallery there as well which sounds really inspiring.

I spent the whole evening buzzing with creative energy and hope I can unlock some of the potential that I know is buried inside myself somewhere. It’s clamouring to get out and gets all excited at the smell of freedom but then along come the inhibitions that close the door again. I am determined that with my new home and new job comes a new start, starting with letting the artistic flare come out and play!

Anyway, very basic I know but here is the little green monster that I achieved in drawing in the first lesson:

Little Green Monster

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