Photo Opportunities Abound At The Beach

Mat was working all last weekend so on Saturday morning I decided I would go for a walk so that I didn’t end up getting cabin fever and feel like I had just sat in front of the computer all day, which was becoming increasingly likely.

I wanted to go into the village and thought I start by walking in the opposite direction, head towards the north of Avalon Beach, then walk down the beach, cross the road and end up in the village that way.

On my way to North Av I found a wicked little footpath following a creek and all along the side was colourful graffiti. I assume it was legal as a lot of it seemed to be divided into sections so different artists could have their own canvas, so to speak.

North Av Graf 1 North Av Graf 2

It’s not the best graffiti in the world but I like it. I have developed a strong appreciation for the sometimes controversial art medium since my brother started to nurture his artistic flare in this field a year or so ago.

So much for a bracing walk. When I reached the beach my camera came straight out again and I spent a good half hour sitting on the rocks clicking away, trying to improve my eye for a good composition.

North Avalon Beach North Avalon Beach & Rocks

Once I’d finished with photographing the seascape I retrieved my bag from a nearby rock and proceeded along the beach only to get stopped by another photo opportunity. There were lots of Bluebottles washed up on the beach – a common type of jellyfish that has an inflatable balloon thing that it uses to catch the wind and drift along the sea along with long stinging tentacles. I’ve never been stung by them but it’s very common and it doesn’t hurt too much by all accounts, just itches a bit and leaves you with red wheel marks for a day or two. I tend to avoid the sea if there is a spate of them.

Blue Bottle Jellyfish 1 Blue Bottle Jellyfish closeup

On googling Bluebottle to find out a bit more about them I was very surprised to discover this is an Aussie/Kiwi term and they are actually known to the rest of the world as the infamous Portuguese Man o’War! I always thought they would be so much bigger somehow. They are not jellyfish at all but siphonophores and are made up of a colony of four zooids. It’s fascinating and if you’re interested check out the wiki entry or I’ll be here for hours otherwise 🙂

This is typical of Aussies and their funny alternative language, what with their goannas (monitors) and white pointers (great whites). It’s good to know the wildlife is slightly more familiar than I thought it was.

When I’d finished with the Bluebottles I moved on to dead birds – there were at least ten poor bodies washed up on the beach after the recent storms – I thought they provided a fascinatingly macabre photo opportunity.

Rest in Peace

I’m not sure what sort of bird this is. From the beak shape I would hesitate a guess at some sort of petrol but on checking my bird book there are so many different types I really have no idea. Anyone out there an expert? Please comment below.

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