Beach Fishing at North Avalon

Last month we fancied doing something fun on our Friday night that also involved beer for the boys (obviously) and Kat suggested beach fishing.

Mat jumped at the chance as he has done limited fishing since we moved here and was keen for Nick to give him some tips so we gathered together the beer esky and other essentials and then all piled down to North Avalon to set up.

Fishing at North Avalon Me & Kat Fishing

Not a lot happened for the first half of the evening. Davo and Guinness joined us and it was a good excuse for the boys to do something practicle together and me and Kat to have a girly catch up.

I've found a sand fish, he's down there somewhere, I can smell 'im!
I've found a sand fish, he's down there somewhere, I can smell 'im!

A bit later on Nick finlly got a bite and spent the next half an hour to an hour battling with whatever was on the end trying to get it in. We were all a bit sceptical for ages as to whether it was just a large clump of seaweed getting sucked around by the waves but finally whatever it was got close enough that we could make out a shape and a lot of splashing. Apparently it was pretty big (I didn’t get close enough to see properly) as Mat was wading in and trying to bring it closer. However, we will never know as after all the hard work the line snapped and it escaped.

In an attempt to cheer Nick up and because we were all hungry we ordered pizza (explaining to the Pizza guy that we were the first group of fishermen down from North Av carpark). In betwen ordering and the pizza arriving Nick got another bite and this time managed to land the fish.

Nick's Fish Nick's Fish 2 Nick returning fish to sea

We weren’t exactly sure what it was but Nick suggested a gummy shark. As it was only small I took a few quick pictures before Nick was keen to throw it straight back. After googling various things if I have to hazard a guess I’d say Nick was right and it was a gummy, however this is by no means definitely correct and any comments from more knowledgable people are welcome!

At least we had some excitement, even if we didn’t end up with a nice fresh fish for supper. Our pizza finally arrived too, after having to chase them a few times; I suspect they were a bit dubious about the beach location for delivery, even though The Sheriff used to tell us he ordered pizzas at the beach all the time.

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