Green Day Live at Acer Arena, Sydney 2009

After work on Friday (11 Dec) Mat and I had to abandon our newly arrived guests (Squealer and Mally from Stroud) for we had our long-awaited gig to go to – Green Day 🙂

After leaving a little late and then queuing for half an hour to buy t-shirts we missed the support band, Jet, unfortunately. I then queued for another fifteen minutes to buy chips and pies as we hadn’t had any food before leaving and were both pretty hungry. However, it was all timed really well because as we were just finishing the last chips the lights dimmed and the crowd errupted.

The first thing I noticed was, even though the tickets said no photography or filming equipment allowed, there were camera flashes going off left right and centre. I’m glad I had decided to take my camera anyway and I took a few shots and video clips here and there to capture the moment. We had pretty good seats; although they were right at the side of the stage, so the acoustics weren’t as good as they would have been in the centre, we were at the front of the first level above ground so got a really good view of everything.

The whole concert was absolutely fantastic. Billie Joe was a real showman and kept the crowd constantly hyped. They played a lot of songs off their new album, 21st Century Breakdown, at least the same again from American Idiot and a whole heap of other classic old school Green Day tracks. They also did parts of some random covers including ACDC and The Beatles.

As well as the music Billie Joe kept picking random audience members to come up on stage. A couple of them were just got up for the experience, needless to say Billie Joe looked like he was half strangled by one chick who was a bit over enthusiastic (well who wouldn’t be?). Then he got a kiddie up on stage for one of the new songs, East Jesus Nowhere, which envolved absolving him of his sins and ended in big pyrotechnic explosion. I took a video of this but I still haven’t managed to find a way of converting my mov files to avi small enough to upload to youtube without the quality dropping to shit so I’ve pinched someone elses:

He got a couple of people on stage to squirt water from super soakers at the mosh pit and then continued squirting the crowd intermittantly throughout the rest of the night from a hose. He also had a rather funky contraption that had a bog roll and some sort of air gun attachment which launched toilet paper into the crowd in long streams. Then he had a t-shirt gun, like a spud gun but which fired rolled up t-shirts into the audience; about ten lucky people managed to bag one of those. He had a couple of people up on stage to sing with him after making them promise faithfully that they knew all the words. The first guy was bloody good and did the whole dancing about the stage thing at the same time. There was countless numbers of explosions and fire jets that never ceased to make me jump every time. When a couple of the people left the stage he got them to launch themselves into the mosh pit which was pretty cool; it always amazes me how they seem to float along over everybody’s heads without seeming to hurt anyone, especially when they first land.

Here’s one from the beginning of the night “Know Your Enemy”, again, I’ve pinched it from a lovely person that must have been sat somewhere near where we were as the angle is the same:

At one point in between songs Bille Joe left the stage and went out into the middle of the audience to greet random fans (see picture three). The list goes on and on. They didn’t disappoint at the end either; the whole band came back on for several songs after their initial departure and then Billie Joe came back on again after that and finished with some glorious acoustic classics. Here’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”:

All up Green Day played for a solid two and half hours and it was definitely up there at the top with my all time favourite gigs. It took nearly two days for my ears to go back to normal afterwards!

Fantastic night! Thank you Green Day 🙂

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