More Dreadlocks

Apologies for lack of posts lately; I have been very lax. So much for my good New Year intentions!

Anyway, I thought I would take an opportunity to post some more dreadie pictures but this time it’s Mat’s turn!

Yes, he decided his hair length was getting too annoying and instead of cutting it off (something he kept threatening me with when I annoyed him as he knows I like it long) he decided to try dreadlocks too 🙂

So last Sunday we went back to New Town. Henry and Ruth joined us at Wayland and Kirstie’s house and we all went for a quick drink at the pub before Mat took the plunge. He went back to Sharon at In Visible Light as she did such a fab job with mine – for anyone looking to get dreadlocks in the Sydney area I would definitely recommend it.

Me, Kirstie and Ruth accompanied Mat and stayed with him while he got started:

Mat gets his first dreadlock The first row of dreads is underway

There is only so much dreading one can watch before it gets monotonous so I left Mat to it (as he did when I got mine done) and accompanied the girls to Kirstie’s friend’s swimming pool which she has the use of. It was an absolutley scorching day so the cool water was most welcome and we whiled away a good few hours sitting by the side of it chatting, jumping in every so often to cool off. Poor Mat was stuck in the hot, sticky shop with no air-con while the other lads were at the pub.

After a while we began to get hungry so thought we’d pop in and see how Mat was getting on before getting some food. He was about two thirds of the way through the dreading process and then would have to have the perming solution put on.

Dreads are just over half way to completion

After Mat declined the offer of some food we went to find the others. They were still at the pub and pretty enebriated by this stage; Henry was positively “maggot”! We took their order for Thai and once we’d collected it said we’d see them back at Wayland and Kirstie’s after they’d finished their beers.

A yummy Thai meal and a fair few more beers later (except for Ruth who was driving and me for some reason, even though Mat wouldn’t have had any drinks so could drive back) Mat finally arrived around 8pm after seven hours of hair pulling, sporting his new style:

Mat back at Wayland's with his finished dreadies

He was very happy with his dreads and still is, now the nasty ammonia smell has finally gone. He reckons they are much more managable at work when he’s up trees and wearing a helmet. So far I’ve only had to pull one big piece of twig out from a couple of dreads that it had lodged into. I’m sure there will be more though 🙂

Me and Mat - the dreadie couple

So now we are a proper dready couple. At first I thought it would be a bit wierd with both of us having dreadlocks but now I reckon it’s cool. After all, as someone pointed out, if one person likes dreads then chances are they will be attracted to someone else with dreads so couples that both have them isn’t completely uncommon.

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