That’s Not A Cat

After a slight hitch getting through customs my brother finally stepped through arrivals at Sydney Kingsford Smith airpport last night and began his adventure.

Hint to anyone travelling here to visit relatives from their home country: Don’t take them any credit cards in their name; post them instead. After waiting over an hour for my brother a customs guy finally came out asking me for ID before handing me my Lloyds credit card that my brother had brought out for me from the UK. He stated that if anyone brings cards into the country that aren’t in their own name it becomes a matter for the federal police. They had kept my brother aside for ages, interrogating him and only finally believed his story when I tried to ring his mobile to find out where the hell he was. Apparently they wouldn’t let him answer it but were persuaded that it was me and came out to find me so I could validate his story!

Finally we got back to Avalon and had a relax before Mat went to bed as he had to work today. I stayed up with my brother and we were chatting away at our table outside when Rich suddenly started making noises to something under the table and said that a cat had just appeared.

“A cat?” I said. “We don’t get cats round here.” I looked down to see a brush tailed possum boldly sniffing Richie’s hand. He pulled it away quickly and then we both went to grab our cameras.

We get possum visits regularly in our garden if we’re outside late at night but this one was extra inquisitive and bold as brass. It was as if she had decided to give my brother a proper Aussie welcome and he was chuffed to bits. His first encounter with Australian wildlife couldn’t have been better.

Brush Tail Possum has a sniff at Rich Closeup of Possum sniffing Rich's hand Rich tries to get a photo of the Possum sniffing his hand Brush Tail Possum investigating our table

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