Permanent Residents At Last!

I was just discussing with Mat this morning the sending of additional visa documentation to the Visa Office in support of our residency application when, looking up from the computer where he was checking his emails, he said that he didn’t think we would need to worry about that as our visas had been granted.

WOOH HOO!!! We both did a little woop and a skip and then re-read the email to make sure we were correct. Yes, as of the 13th May we are both now permanent residents of Australia! Grats to us! Who says the 13th is unlucky?

Abercrombie National Park

I like to add pictures to my posts so here are Mat and I in the Australian bush, Abercrombie National Park, back in March. We were camping at the Sink Campsite whilst on an off-roading trip with our friends Wayland and Kirstie and my brother – very Australian 🙂

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