Ripples Last A Lifetime


I can’t remember if this is a quote and if it is I don’t know it word for word so I’m going to make up my own:

“People come and go but the ripples they leave behind last a lifetime”.

What made me think about this and want to write a post on it? I’ll explain:

Mat was singing this morning as he was putting on his work boots and I didn’t recognise the song so asked him what it was. He replied, in a jokingly indignant sort of way, that it was Stereophonics and had I not heard of them? “Of course I’ve heard of them” I said, but to be fair if I had to name a song the only one I can remember is ‘Have a Nice Day’.

As I belted out the title line it reminded me of Jamie Garner, a dude that I met in my bar/waitressing days at The Beehive in Cheltenham. He worked as a chef there for a bit and whenever he was in the kitchen you knew it was going to be a good night. The reason the Stereophonics song always reminds me of Jamie is because of the time I came down to the kitchen to find it playing full blast with him singing along at the top of his voice.

Anyway, my point is that it was one tiny little incident in my life but for me has forever tied that memory to the song so that whenever I hear it or just think about it, I remember Jamie and it brings a smile to my face.

Many of us would wish to make great splashes in this life (myself included) and think of ripples as being less important, but on reflection I don’t think they are. Ok, so ripples may only touch someone gently, but if that person recalls the feel of that touch and it brings a smile to their face then it’s a wonderful thing that can carry on giving for years to come, even when you have been physically gone from their lives for a long time. I’m thinking about another friend now, as they brought up the splash comment on their Facebook status a week or two ago; the ripples you created in my life were hugely positive and I would not be the person I am now without them 🙂

I still wish to do something wonderful some day that will have positive effects for a greater part of humanity. However, if my ripples are remembered by random folk that I have met somewhere along my path and they bring a smile to their face as others have done for me then I am doing good!

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