First Paddle of the Season

Yesterday morning (Sunday) Mat and I were up early and as it was such a beautiful morning decided to go for a walk on the beach before treating ourselves to breakfast in Avalon.

The weather really has warmed up since the arrival of Spring and so we left our shoes in the car and went for our first paddle of the season. The sea really wasn’t too cold at all and I think I could have gone in for a swim quite comfortably. There were in fact a couple of people that had gone for a dip with no wetsuits.

As it was our first, I got out my camera to snap a picture of us both. The first one resulted in a rather wonky horizon and serious expression on my face due to concentration.

First paddle of season at Avalon Beach, NSW

First paddle of season at Avalon Beach, NSW

I took another one (above right) but wasn’t sure if I had pressed the button properly so got Mat to stay where he was while I tried again. Woops! As we had our back to the waves so they would appear in the picture we failed to see the big wave coming up behind us until it was too late. We both got rather drenched but the picture I had taken just as the wave hit enabled us to see the funny side 🙂

An unsuspecting wave, AValon Beach, NSW

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