I Lived On The Moon

This is the title of a song by French artists, Kwoon. I cannot remember how I came across it except that it was very random; possibly through a web design site that led me to a random blog that led me to the YouTube video.

The animation is by another French artist, Yannick Puig, and I think it is the combination of the music and the video that make this piece so stunning, compelling me to play it over and over again and write a random blog post on it.

The animation represents so much that I love about art. This guy has awesome talent and has joined my list of artists that ignite passion. He has a very interesting web page on the making of this video; an explanation of the story, how he and Kwoon shared common points that made for a perfect match and his love for insects, plants and the mineral kingdom that feed his well of inspiration.

I was interested to find out what music genre Kwoon fell into as I am not very learned in these things and after googling it was surprised to discover a knew one: Post-rock! That’s one I never would have guessed.

I never feel I am very articulate when it comes to expressing how I feel about something but after reading some of the comments from YouTube I think enli85 says it all:
“Whats better … Song or video – i realy cant decide – but both of them are piece’s of art, and mixed together ? …Good Lord. Oscar.”

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