How to get an Eco Swimming Pool in your Kitchen

I was going to blog today about how I haven’t blogged for ages and how I must post more this year – heck, I missed my birthday, Christmas, our holiday to Seal Rocks, Australia Day and Mat’s birthday! But no, instead I have something else to tell you that has so far filled my morning since about 6.45am!

Yesterday I had the idea that if I bought a great big bucket, a 42 litre flexi tub to be precise, I could fill it up with grey water every time I did a load of washing and then use it to water the garden – another tick on my list of green and eco habits! I did this yesterday and was so pleased with myself that I decided to do it again today (I have a few days off and am making the most of it by getting lots of washing done that I normally put off: bed sheets etc).

I started filling the tub on the first drain cycle but it was rather susdsy so decided to start again with the second draining. As I was also in the middle of checking emails etc I decided to leave the outflow hose in the tub and then get ready to swap it back to the sink when I heard the drain cycle start (the flexi tub, although large, is not large enough to contain the entire drainage from the washing machine). It wasn’t long before I came out of my internet cloud and realised that the washing had finished. Without thinking much I stepped into the kitchen and instantly fell flat on my arse in about two inches of water.

HINT: Don’t ever leave a washing machine unattended when all that is standing between a nice green project and a flooded kitchen is your ability to stay aware of the present situation.

In my case my complete inablility to stay aware should have been obvious when there can be chainsaws and chippers going full belt a few streets away on a quiet Sunday afternoon and I won’t notice until someone else points it out!

kitchen flood when attempting to be green
It doesn't look much but this was 1.5 mop buckets later!
Overflow of flexi tub
It's all the flexi tub's fault!

Bizarrely the water seemed to drain from the laundry room in a straight line into the kitchen and then pool in the centre. Only a little bit escaped into the carpeted area of the hall and none whatsoever into the living room and onto the wooden floor – thank heavens! Maybe it was designed this way.

The other “bright sides” to look at are:

  • the kitchen was in serious need of mopping anyway
  • I’ve never mopped the laundry since we moved in here
  • the plants have all had a jolly good water
  • I have discovered another use for the grey water – mopping the floors!

All in all it has been a learning experience. I need to listen to my little nagging thoughts at the back of my brain more and I also think I shall try and source an extension pipe so the outflow can stretch through the window to outside.

The one irony is it looks like it may rain!!!

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