I Made Soap

I have been using natural hand made soap for around five years now and have been interesting in learning how to make my own for ages. However, all the books and online information make it sound quite complicated. When I went to the Avalon Fair last November there was a stall I was instantly attracted to as it sold, not only hand made soap but Palm Oil Free soap (hurrah for the orangutans) into the bargain! I had an interesting chat with the two ladies who made the soap and jumped at the chance to sign up for their soap making course.

After a long wait I finally went on the course at the end of February. It was an all day event at their house where all the ingredients and tools were provided as well as a delicious lunch and refreshments. There were only four participants which meant it was nice and intimate and we got to ask loads of questions. We worked in pairs and made four different recipes with a total of twenty four soaps to take home each.

Cold-press natural palm oil free handmade soap

The method we learnt – cold-press soap making – was nowhere near as complicated as it had previously sounded and I shall definitely be trying it again at home soon. The soaps will take three to four weeks to cure and then the big test – will they be as good to use as they look and smell?

Here are my curing soaps. From left to right they are:

  • Honey, almond meal and cinnamon soap
  • Goats milk, lavender and patchouli soap
  • Healing bentonite clay and lemon myrtle soap
  • Orange, ginger and wattle seed soap

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