Our First Home

Most of our family and close friends will now be aware that Mat and and I have been looking to buy a property here in Australia and that we have now done so. Well, we have paid our deposit and exchanged contracts anyway, and are set to complete and move in on 16 December, a week before christmas.

“Does that mean we are never moving back to the UK?” some of you may ask. Well, the answer I’ll give is “Never say never” and “who knows what’s round the corner?” I moved out here for an intended duration of six months and here I am still, having had my four year anniversary of landing in Sydney just yesterday! One thing I have learnt is that the only constant in Life is change. Things rarely turn out the way we plan and my ultimate goal is to live with my feet planted firmly in the Present and embrace every moment.

Ok, so enough of the philosophy and on with the pictures.

Firstly we have a video that Mat took when we inspected the unit again before putting in an offer. As you can see, Mat is especially excited at having twin sinks in the bathroom!

The lounge/dining room
The lounge/dining room

The lounge area facing the balcony
The lounge area facing the balcony
Lounge area and "study nook"
The lounge area and "study nook" ot the left of entrance door
Dining area/lounge
Another angle of the dining area/lounge
The balcony
The balcony - not massive but bigger than most we looked at.
The kitchen
The kitchen - tidy and 1.5 sinks (though a double may have to go on list of improvments)
Main bedroom
The main bedroom - a very good size.
Second bedroom
The second bedroom - perfect for a nipper or two when we get around to it but will do for guests until then.
The bathroom
The bathroom - probably the only room in need of a reno at some point but certainly not desparate.
The plan
The layout plan


So, it’s not a palace, not even a house in fact, but for a larger than average 2 bed unit (flat for those in the UK) on the Northern Beaches with internal laundry and double garage we got a pretty good deal and it’s certainly a good rung or so on the ladder!

It’s not in Avalon but just ten minutes down the road in Newport, before The Bends so you will no longer require a passport to visit 🙂 It will take me half the time to get to work and at the west end of Queens Parade it’s within stumbling distance of The Newport Arms which will be nice now the Summer is here.

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