Jogging – Who? Me?

I have always had an aversion to exercise, ever since I remember. I like to blame it on my mum who I specifically remember telling me I ran like a duck. This was just after I had fallen over in a running race on Sport’s Day when I was about six; very humiliating!

Anyway, I have had a couple of times in my life when I have actually tried to get into some form of exercise or another and it seems I have finally managed to incorporate it into my everyday life with a semblence of consistency. My friend Isabelle encouraged me to join her gym for the abundance of classes I could go to which I did back in October last year. However, as motivating as the classes are, I find they take too long out of my day to go more than 2-3 times a week. I have thus, thanks to Wayland’s sister, also taken up jogging. She told me about her positive experience with the Couch to 5k method, which builds up your fitness levels in comfortable (when I say comfortable I mean you find yourself thinking that you can do it again instead of hurling your guts up vowing never to try it again) steps.

Princes Street Marina
Princes Street Marina from the end of Bardo Road, Newport. A brief but most pleasant stretch of my route.

Don’t get me wrong, I still find it hard to motivate myself to get out there, especially on days like today when it’s still dark at 6.30am and pretty damn nippy. But this is what this post is about. After deciding to have a cup of coffee first (something I have avoided in the past) and wait for it to get light I got myself out around 7am, still early enough for there to be minimal people about at this time of year.

Today I managed Workout 2 of Week 5 – 5 minute warmup walk, jog for 8 minutes, walk for 5 minutes, jog for another 8 minutes. To most people this probably sounds like a walk in the park, not a jog (ha ha) but for someone who previously couldn’t jog for more than 90 seconds without risk of collapse this is a real achievement.

The second real achievement for me is that I am still going. After starting the program in early March I have had a week off here and there due to sickness and not wishing to over do it and I am not currently doing three days a week as I started out on, but, I am still going. No matter how hard it is to get myself out in the morning I know it has been worth it when I come back home completely puffed, red in the face and feeling totally high on all the natural goodness racing round my body.

And I get to see and hear nature as I’m jogging. The birds keep me company with their morning choirs, the Magpies with their beautiful fluting yodels, the harsh yaks of the Red Wattlebirds that must live somewhere over the road from our unit (easy to hear, hard to spot), the melodic whistles of the Butcherbirds, and always when I get to Newport oval the “pee wee” tweets from the Magpie Larks encouraging me on my last leg. Yes, it’s good to go jogging, I think I actually enjoy it!

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