Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus is happening right now and I can’t see a thing!

It started in Sydney at 8.16am and will finish in a couple of hours at 2.44pm. It has been pretty cloudy all day and I just ran downstairs to take a look as the sun popped out but trying to see it with the naked eye has only resulted in giving me bright spots in front of my eyes.

They say you shouldn’t try and look at it with anything but special sun viewing glasses. However, I remembered back to the great Solar Eclipse of 1999 when we coloured in glasses with permanent black marker and that worked pretty well, no eye damage done.

I just tried this but the marker pen isn’t sticking and it still isn’t working – bummer!

Nevermind, I’ll have to make do with this photo:

Transit of Venus 6 June 2012

Ooh, on grabbing this photo I spotted another method of viewing. Can’t explain now as I’m going to be late for work so will post back later if it works!

Edit: The other method I tried was making a pinhole camera. According to one website all I had to do was make a tiny hole in a piece of card and hold it 20cm above another piece of white card with my back to the sun. The sun should shine through the hole and project an image onto the bottom piece of card. When I got to work Rod and I played around with this a bit but it was rubbish and didn’t work.

I think with a little bit of planning we could have made a more complex pinhole camera but we ran out of time. Nevermind, maybe I’ll be around for the next one in 2117 – only 105 years to wait 🙂

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