Working Holiday in Brisbane – Day 1

Early on Wednesday morning we packed up the ute and left Sydey to start our drive to Brisbane. We are taking a mini working holiday as our friend Seb has organised some tree work for Mat and it’s a good excuse for another visit.

We decided to break the drive up over two days as 10+ hours is a lot to do in one day. Our aim for the first leg was to get to Corindi Beach, just past Coffs Harbour and just over half way, as we had booked a cabin there.

On the way we took a scenic detour that took us through Stroud and Gloucester – well we had to – Stroud in England being Mat’s nearest home town and Gloucester, the nearest city.

Welcome to Stroud, NSW
Welcome to Stroud, NSW
Stroud NSW
Australia's Stroud in NSW
Stroud Central Hotel
Stroud Central Hotel

Stroud, NSW was a pretty little village that had some considerably historic looking buildings (in Australian terms). The whole “Gloucester Shire” area was very rural with lots of cattle and rolling fields with a hilly mountainous backdrop.

We arrived at Corindi Beach Holiday Park late afternoon and after dropping our stuff off at our cabin “Kingfisher” we delighted in a stroll down to the beach. I have to say, though the cabin was fairly basic I have never stayed anywhere so close to the beach (except camping at Stockton). It was fantastic.

The beach itself was beautiful and had an interesting grade of sand. It started off really fine and white and gradually got courser and courser nearer the sea until it was little pebbles – fantastic for the feet! The best thing was the variety of detritus washed up along the sand:

  • lots of long sea weed with interesting roots
  • sponges of all varieties, some bright pink in colour
  • squishy coral like things that looked like brains
  • sea urchins
  • a lobster
  • plenty of shells
  • beautifully smooth pebbles ideal for skimming
  • a funky looking bird skull which I am yet to identify
  • sea beans

The list goes on.

Corindi Beach, NSW
Mat & I at Corindi Beach
Corindi Beach, NSW
Mat's rekindled fire

Mat and I had a great time beach combing and then Mat discovered a fire someone had left behind, still warm. Of course Mat had to get it going again and we sat watching a couple of Oyster Catchers fighting the gulls over scraps and a hovering bird of prey until the light started to go.

After our beach adventure we took a short drive down the road to The Amble Arms for dinner where we both had a delicious chicken palmigiana before heading home for an early night.

Here are some pictures of the cabin itself:

Corindi Beach Holiday Park Cabin No.3 "Kingfisher"
Our beach cabin "Kingfisher"
Corindi Beach Holiday Park Cabin
View from the bedroom facing front door
Corindi Beach Holiday Park Cabin
The bathroom
Corindi Beach Holiday Park Cabin
View from front door
Corindi Beach Holiday Park Cabin
View of sea from front of cabin
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