Brizzy Trip Day 2 – Nimbin

Day two (5th July) and another scenic detour took us through Nimbin. Renowned for being Australia’s hippy centre for alternative subculture it is somewhere that’s been on the map to visit for some time. The drive in was beautiful through green valleys and great limestone rocks.

We arrived just before 9am and had a quick wander up and down the main street in search of a cafe for breakfast. It was all very peaceful and we only got approached by a hawker of “special herbs” the once. What struck me was the sheer colour abounding everywhere. There were rainbows and bright paintings where ever I looked.

Rainbow Cafe at Nimbin, NSW
Mat eating breakfast at The Rainbow Cafe
Colourful shop fronts in Nimbin
Some colourful shop fronts
Cockrel wandering streets of Nimbin
A random cockrel wanders the streets
Hand chalked sign in road in Nimbin
Wake up Sheeple!
Colourful Nimbin
More colour and an eclair for Mat
Nimbin School House
Nimbin school house
Bungjulung Jugun
Bungjulung Jugun sign

The Rainbow Cafe provided a much needed and delicious breakfast with, for me, an introduction to a delicious herbal tea I’ve never tried before: Lemon Myrtle – wonderfully refreshing and sherbety. I enjoyed it so much that we took a stroll to the Green Bank where it was purchased from Tea Medica so I could get some for myself. What a delightful tea shop it was with the owner a trained herbalist and able to make up personal blends for anything one may require help with. I wish we had something like this in Sydney.

After having a good look round at all the various arty crafty shops and a few purchases later we regretfully had to be on our way. By the time we left there was a lot more hussle and bustle on the streets and amongst the colourful characters Mat and I felt quite at home. Nimbin is definitely somewhere I will visit again and next time we’ll visit the museum after everyone that we told asked “did you go to the museum?” Alas no, it was closed when we initially passed it.

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