Hooray for the Spring Sun!

Today was the first week day I got up to daylight. Mainly because we had half an hour lie in and didn’t get up until 6am as opposed to our usual 5.30am start. However, what a difference I felt; much more positive and energised and raring to go instead of feeling a bit flat and apathetic.

I felt it was such a momentous occasion I took a picture from our balcony. This faces South South West and you can see the waning Blue Moon still fairly high in the sky as she gets ready to go to retire for the day.

Sunrise with waning Blue Moon

I love the Sun and Spring is my favourite time of year. It holds all the promise of what is to come; new beginnings and fresh starts. Spring has been here for a while now, even though Australians consider the 1st September to be the start (I think), I treat Imbolc as the turning point (which was the 2nd August according to my southern hemisphere moon diary). There was a change in the air, a Spring scent to the breeze, Nature started waking up and whispering to itself.

Now Spring is in full pelt as we head towards the Equinox and the divebombing Magpie season has started so get your helmets at the ready 🙂

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