Arrived in Tassie Safe and Sound

Tasmania countrysideWe have arrived in Tasmania safe and sound, all be it with Mat several pounds lighter (sea was pretty choppy), after a 10 hour ferry ride.

Scrumpy was very pleased to see us after his trip confined to a kennel.

We have picked up enough supplies to cook tonight’s dinner after quarantine made us ditch all fruit and veg and are now driving through amazing scenery on our way to our first campsite.

    Kentish Park Camp Area

Camps7 #152: This campsite was on the River Forth just southwest of Devenport. A big camp area with lots of sections for your own pitch with designated fire pit. Deadwood around for collection and big pile of pre-chopped firewood (we discovered in the morning) at top of site. Dog friendly. Had a toilet somewhere but plenty of foresty bush to have a private squat amongst the many passing bouncers. Not sure what sort of wallaby type animals they were but fairly small. Scrumpy had a whale of a time running after their tracks spending some of his pent up energy from the ferry.

We had steak, mash and brocolli for dinner followed by a nice cuppa by the fire listening to the strange growling of a nearby brush tailed possum being territorial (I’m guessing). It started drizzling but still quite warm at 20 degrees. I forgot to take a picture but will try and remember next time.

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