There are probably many reasons why I decided to start a blog that I am not consciously aware of. However, the main reason is that one of my best friends had one that had been going for a while and I thought it was cool. I was visiting him and his wife in Kazakhstan at the time and we had the luxury of spare days to spend setting it all up.

Originally it was just an online diary for myself but as I moved from the UK to Australia in late 2007 it has now become a good way for friends and family to be able to catch up and see what I have been doing; or at least it would if I wrote my posts more regularly. I also have many good intentions of writing informative posts on life in Australia as a British citizen. Alas, I am rather sporadic with my writing but I have given up making apologies to myself and whoever cares; something is better than nothing!

I am now wondering what else I should put here. Nope, I think that will do, after all, who reads these pages anyway? Actually, I do if the blog interests me and I want to find out which country it is based in (if not obvious from the home page). Yesterday, in fact, I started reading a random blog and many references to the wildlife sounded like they were Australian. Blow me though, the “about” page did not divulge the country of origin – most annoying. Well, I’ve given that information so this is your lot for now 🙂