I am going to start listing various links that may be of interest – partly for your benefit and partly for mine, so if I can’t remember the site address I know I can always find it here:

Other Bloggers

Chris’ Blog – this has to be at the top of the list because he is one of my best friends and is responsible for this blog getting off the ground!
John’s Blog – A Swansea based, UK photographer and friend.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Joyous Birth – This site has forums with a wealth of information on homebirth, freebirth and other alternative lifestyle practices.
Natural Therapy Pages – A fantastic site for finding practitioners of all the natural therapies you can think of within Australia.

As igoogle is going down in less than two weeks I’m listing the blogs I follow below for easy recovery later:

Friends/friends’ endeavors

Rowen Song – makes, music, musings, magic & more
Cut and Pastry – food blog
The Wychwoods – travel blog
The Disobedient Child – alternative aspirational blog
Picky Miss – homemade craftings
Moor Later – techy/alternative blog
Sea Witchs Cavern – handmade jewellery

Eco/general interest blogs

Earthship Australia
Earthships – worldwide blog
My Zero Waste – UK based waste reducing tips
Slow Living Essential – USA based country blog (includes soap making)

Web design/development blogs

Web Designer Depot
Web Design Ledger
Sitepoint (all cats)
Sitepoint Design
Smashing Magazine
A List Apart
I Love Typography

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